Kaiserslautern racing team

Only Electric team in RLP

There are not many teams in rhineland palatinate and we are on of the few ones. Additionally we are the only team who builds electric cars and soon we will be the only team who builds autonomous vehicles as well.

Cooperation between UAS and tu

Unlike many other teams we do have a cooperation between the two universities in our city to form one good team instead of two mediocre ones. Additionally we have the support of two universities.

History since 2007

Our team was founded in 2007 and we attended our first Formula Student event in 2008. Because of this we have a lot of experience and connections and provide our members a good foundation.


all the information you need

Below you can find the latest news about our team. If you are interested in more information just look around on this website or follow us on our social media channels where we keep you updated!

Latest reveal video

What do you think?

Get a first look at our new car, the Electronyte 21. What do you think about its design? Want to see more? Go ahead and check out our Instagram page!


Like every year we are a part of the Hannovermesse and take the opportunity to get some publicity for us and our sponsors. Go ahead and take a look at our page.

New Website

Just like our car our website has to improve as well. So we decided to restructure it and give it a new look. Pretty fancy isn’t it?

Event Qualification

The best test for our car is always the competition against other teams. Because of this we are always eager to qualify for as much events as possible. This year we are proud to announce that we are going to take part at the FS Austria, FS Switzerland and FS Spain.


Meet US!

To the left you can see Khalil Mahjoub and Caspar Nau, who are leading the current team of KaRaT. If you are interested in the project and want to work with us just click the button below!

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