Nils Brand

Zweiter Kassenwart

“KaRaT ist ein Verein, bei dem unterschiedliche Fachrichtungen interdisziplinär zusammenarbeiten. Man bekommt am Anfang des Jahres eine schier unlösbare Aufgabe gestellt und löst sie dann als Team!”


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  1. DankMemeLord69

    Hello, I really like your deep thoughts about your team. And I appreciate your meme knowledge. Although you could have used some dank meme formats instead of this normie shit.

  2. ArrogantInstagramHaiderwithhugeKnowledge

    Hello Nils,
    the quality of your memes is appropriate for Instagram or other inferior platforms.
    Please restrain from using outdated formats here.
    Drake has been replaced for a long time now by Winnie the Pooh.

    Regarding the content of your message, i am totally behind you.
    Consider me as a true supporter of your standpoint.
    But I want to add, that we should focus on getting the e18 back on the road, because the e19 is overrated.

    Yours sincerely



    Hello Nils,
    thank you for this selection of memes but the other two commentators are right. Next time try to add some gifs as well. Gifs are always great.
    You should consider to work in a big German car company, your attitude seems like it would fit well. But sometimes you need to take some kind of risk to do a bigger step.
    A great man once said:’ You need to turn the spiral.’

    Your fan, LEEROY JENKINS!!!

  4. Klaus

    Hello Nils, I am your biggest fan.
    I am glad that you have a blog in which you keep your deep thoughts.
    I would be happy about further updates. See you in Hockenheim or Hannover

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