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our rooms

Since our team consists of members of the TU Kaiserslautern and the UAS Kaiserslautern our rooms are split as well. Our office which you can find on the map below is where our adminastory work is done.

Our workshop and some other rooms are located at the old campus of the UAS.


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Phone: +49 631 205 4026

this team is lead by:

1. Chairman: Caspar Nau

2. Chairman: Khalil Mahjoub

1. Treasurer: Tim-Jonah Hartung

2. Treasurer: Jan Tauberschmidt

Secretary: Niklas Eberts

Assessor: Pascal Kargl

About us

Kaiserslautern Racing Team or KaRaT is a group of students who built a racecar every year according to the rules of the Formula Student. If you want to get more information just look around on our website where you can find all sorts of information about our work.